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World class manufacturing

The brand development and manufacturing of UFabrik textiles is a global corporation, owned by Robin East and Jon Price, founder directors of CMYUK, and BingXin Wang, owner and CEO of JC Media. 

Founded in 1999, JC Media is one of the largest and most influential global producers of printing textile materials, also trusted and contracted by many of the leading international printer equipment manufacturers for their OEM materials. 

UFabrik benefits from an unparalleled manufacturing infrastructure that encompasses the whole supply chain including weaving, washing, dyeing, coating, and finishing. Its unrivalled scalability is fulfilled from two manufacturing sites – the newly built greenfield plant at Chonburi in Thailand – and the immense 69-acre state-of-the-art facility in Shandong Province, China, where all manufacturing processes are currently contained. 

With 14 coating lines in operation, and with additional production lines scheduled for future implementation, UFabrik has unique scalable capacity and the ability to compete on a global scale like no other textile corporation.




Our premium range of super-wide digital print-ready display graphic textiles are specified by major brands for multiple market applications such as backlit, frontlit, blockout, backdrops, TFS, SEG, wall wraps, banners, flags, canopies, tents, gazebos and more. 


Innovative and sustainable, many products within our portfolio are made from recycled single-use plastic waste, all other materials are polyester-based ensuring they can be recycled or processed through waste-to-energy conversion.  

UFabrik offers vibrant colour reproduction and high-quality performance. Our range of materials, attractive price point and sustainable focus has made it the most popular choice for retail, exhibitions, and events – providing 95% of all applications required by these market sectors. All products meet the required health & safety, fire, and environmental standards. 


Environmental consideration

The collective processes to bring the UFabrik textile range to market –  R&D innovation, product testing aligned collectively with both equipment manufacturers and customers, colour profiling to specific printer models, marketing collateral and application positioning, product sales tools, investment in certification and specification, has produced a world class brand with a comprehensive and unrivalled cradle-to-grave ethos that places quality, continuity, customer service, and sustainability right at the heart of all it does. 

PVC-free UFabrik utilises innovative water-saving technology in its manufacture and thereby minimises water usage by over 92% when compared to traditional processes. Coating lines and finishing are also Halogen-free. 

Products within the range that are derived from recycled PET yarn significantly consume less energy during production. To produce this yarn, PET plastics are cleaned, sorted, and shredded into flakes. They are then converted into pellets that are melted, extruded into fibres, and finally spun into yarn that is woven to form the substrata of UFabrik’s eco products. 

UFabrik textiles are REACH compliant and available in widths of 3.2m and 5m. Their lightweight characteristics that make them easy to handle and install also reduces carbon emissions during transportation. 



UFabrik has appointed two distributors – CMYUK in the UK and Ireland, and LexJet (part of the S-One Group) in North America. It has established strategic offices and warehouse logistics facilities across North America and is able to fulfil demand rapidly on a scale unmatched by competitors.


CMYUK, the UK's largest independent supplier of large format digital printers, cutting equipment and materials for all production environments, was the first exclusive distributor for UFabrik. Over the past decade, the former has worked exclusively with world class manufacturing partners in the development and advancement of green materials. 

LexJet has been supplying inkjet printers, inks and materials from companies such as HP, Canon, and Epson since 1994.  Its direct-to-end-user supply model was the first of its kind in the inkjet community, and over the past 25 years, it has supported hundreds of businesses to adopt new technologies, produce innovative products, and diversify into new market areas.  



Consignment stock customer

Larger qualified customers can procure palletised and container consignment orders directly to ensure efficient stock control management for national campaigns. Bulk consignment stock ordering reduces high transportation costs, while less deliveries equates to a lower carbon footprint.

This procurement model safeguards against depleted inventories as stock levels can be replenished automatically or topped up at any time. A greater level of flexibility enables large production businesses to cope with non-forecasted peak business periods. 


UFabrik features
PVC-free, phthalate-free, REACH compliant, GRS (Global Recycled Standard)          |          Non-toxic          |          Water-based coating    
Utilises recycled single use PET plastic waste          |          Designed with responsible end-of-life processes          |          Recyclable
Safe incineration through waste to energy disposal processes          |          Lower carbon footprint          |          Easy to handle & install
Convenient & lighter to transport          |          Fire rated          |          Superb colour reproduction          |          Elevated aesthetics, fresh & unique ambience
Versatile, offering vast seamless single piece surface coverings          |     Available in 3.2m and 5m widths
| Proven, tested and hailed as an industry game-changer


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