Consignment Stock

Only pay for what you use at the end of each month

The benefits of consignment purchasing have long been recognised.  However, the recent effects of COVID, high transportation costs, and logistical issues makes bulk stockholding even more of an attractive proposition.

With consignment purchases there are no upfront costs, and only used stock is paid for at the end of each month.  This helps with cash flow as customers can invoice their clients before paying for the materials themselves. 

Bulk stock also safeguards against depleted inventories. Supplies can be replenished automatically or topped up at any time. This ensures a higher degree of flexibility, enabling businesses to cope with non-forecasted peak business periods. 

Road transportation is one of the main sources of air pollution with diesel vehicles particularly to blame. Consignment stock means significantly fewer customer deliveries, reducing costs and lessening their carbon footprint. 


For more information about UFabrik’s consignment stock purchasing, please refer to the animation below, produced by our distribution partner CMYUK for its customer base.